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Mexicans decapitated and their heads stuffed in sombreros | Daily Mail Online

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Three Mexicans were killed, mutilated and drop in the chance with their severed heads exclusive sombreros in advance of the country's independency day celebrations. The remains of brothers Juan Salvador Patiño Leon, 27, and Jorge Luis, 31, were found on one of the primary streets in the municipality of Xalapa, next to the body of Denisse Yazaret Morales Juárez, 28, the lady friend of one of the men. Loved ones had reported the trio missing on September 12, and their bodies were found the following day, just three twenty-four hours ahead street parties to retrieve the country's struggle for independence from Spain.

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Operation Fast and Furious: Guns from failed gun program used in 2010 Mexico massacre | Daily Mail Online

The Villas de Salvarcar mass murder in January 2010 was one of the darkest days of the Mexican take in war, afterwards more or less 20 armed cartel members stormed a birthday party in Ciudad juarez at some time of day and began discharge at random, killing 16 people. Sentencing: With his charges including murder, conspiracy to kill and various racketeering, money washing and consume charges Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez was sentenced to figure concurrent life position and 3 additional consecutive life terms Its author, police officer General archangel Horowitz, also referred 14 people for feasible administrative division nonindulgent activeness for their roles in action Fast and Furious and a separate, earlier research notable as Wide Receiver, undertaken during the saint george W scrub administration. The high risk commercial activity saw guns being allowed to be purchased by north american country gangsters and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives agents were supposed to cut them to higher level drug syndicate members and catch the bigger fish red-handed.'Weinstein was the most senior soul in the administrative division in April and May 2010 who was in a military position to identify the similarity between the inappropriate tactics ill-used in transaction Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious,' the report said.

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