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, died from complications of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) on 1/5/1979, age 56 1927 ● arthur stanley jefferson laure Aitken / (Lorenzo Aitken) → The "Godfather of Ska," Cuban-Jamaican vocalist whose 1958 one-woman "Boogie In My Bones" was the first country popular music audio recording discharged in the UK, became one of ska music's prima artists in the 70s and continuing to phonograph record and perform until his modification from a pump attack on 7/17/2005, age 78 1931 ● Joe Cuba (Gilberto Miguel Calderón) / (Gilberto Miguel Calderón) → The "Father of Latin Boogaloo," Puerto Rican-American conga percussionist wide regarded as one of the creators of the Latin soul visual perception of R&B and west indian salsa instrumentation titled "boogaloo," which originated in New royalty City and became briefly popular in the belated 60s, "Bang, Bang" (#63, 1966), died from a microorganism incident on 2/15/2009, age 77 1932 ● Isao Tomita / → Analog synthesiser musician, musician and open up of amorphous shape and physical science music, utilised electronic music sequencers to combine classical pieces with sci-fi themes, won cardinal Grammy Awards for his 1974 book , died from cardiac failure on 5/5/2016, age 84 1936 ● Glen Campbell / (Glen Travis Campbell) → 60s meeting artist with the Wrecking social unit of top-notch musicians, recorded with The Monkees, elvis Presley, policeman Darin, Frank Sinatra, The velvety Underground, The Mamas & the Papas and others, member of the touring stripe for The Beach Boys in place of Brian Wilson in 1964-65, then Grammy-winning country-pop instrumentalist and singer/songwriter with scores of res publica Top 10 and Pop Top 40 hits, including "Rhinestone Cowboy" (#1, 1975), actor and TV host died after a endless and published struggle with Alzheimer's illness on 8/8/2017, age 81 1937 ● jack Nitzsche / (Bernard king "Jack" Nitzsche) → Producer, arranger, session musician, unaccompanied singer/songwriter, "The solitary Surfer" (#39, 1963), worked with Phil Spector in the early 60s, with Buffy Sainte-Marie co-wrote "Up Where We Belong" (#1, 1982) from the film (1982), make albums for The tumbling Stones, Neil Young and others, died later on a heart crime on 8/25/2000, age 63 1939 ● Mel garbage carter / → Soul-pop and user-friendly perception singer with several minor hits on the hoarding Hot 100 represent but with digit grown Contemporary Top 40 hits, including "Hold Me, chill Me, Kiss Me" (#8, AC #1, 1965) 1939 ● apostle Napier-Bell / → Music manufacture craftsman bandmember, session musician, producer, songwriter, journalist and author, at one time or another served as handler for The Yardbirds, John's Children, brandy Bolan, Japan, London, Asia, Ultravox, Boney M., Wham! and others 1944 ● Alan Gordon / → Songwriter and musician celebrated for co-writing "Happy Together" by The Turtles (#1, 1967) and "Celebrate" by digit Dog Night (#15, 1970), and writing "My Heart Belongs To Me" by Barbra actress (#4, 1977), died from cancer on 11/22/2008, age 64 1944 ● Howard andrew wyeth / → seance drummer for Bob Dylan, Don Mc Lean, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, henry martyn robert Gordon, connection Wray and others, grandchild of creative person season Wyeth, died of a heart attack 3/27/1996, age 51 1946 ● Frankie Cannibal / (Francisco "Frankie Cannibal" Garcia) → Lead vocals for pioneering L. "East part Sound" Mexican-American one hit wonder brown-eyed-soul/garage gynaecologist four anthropophagite And The Headhunters ("Land Of A Thousand Dances," #30, 1965), died from activity on 1/21/1996, age 49 1948 ● Larry Groce / → common people and children's music singer/songwriter, radio DJ and voice-over creative person remembered for his one hit curiosity one-person "Junk cognitive content Junkie" (#9, 1976), appeared on nine Disney albums 'tween 19, based and continues as emcee and activity director of , the unrecorded euphony software system create by cardinal compass point old dominion Public receiving system and aired nationally on NPR 1950 ● Pete Carr / (Jesse pedagogue Carr) → Guitarist, academic term musician, producer and member of premature Southern candy The period of time methamphetamine with Gregg and Duane Allman, member of the Muscle Shoals prosody Section (also glorious as The Swampers), the celebrated studio musician ensemble that recorded hundreds of songs and albums at Muscle Shoals work in Alabama, including hits by Aretha Franklin, The goods Singers, women's liberationist Simon, Lynyrd Skynyrd and unnumberable others, recorded with Lenny Le Blanc in the cottony good person duet Le Blanc & Carr ("Falling," #13, 1977), vie lead stringed instrument on many hits songs, including Bob Seger's "Mainstreet" and Paul Simon's "Kodachrome" 1950 ● Peter Frampton / → Blues-rock and pop-rock guitarist, songwriter, instrumentalist and music director for The Herd, "I Don't Want Our Loving To Die" (UK #5, 1968), Humble Pie, "Hot 'N' Nasty" (#52, 1972), Frampton's Camel, 70s-80s solo superstar, "Show Me The Way" (#6, 1976), toured in 90s with Bill Wyman & The speech rhythm Kings and Ringo Starr's All-Star set 1951 ● apostle paul Carrack / → Journeyman keyboards, stringed instrument and vocals for britt pub rock/blue-eyed soul Ace, "How Long" (#3, 1975), and then New Wave pop-rock Squeeze, "Tempted" (#49, 1981) and pop-rock Mike The Mechanics, "All I Need Is A Miracle" (#5, 1986), nonnegative a single solo hit, "Don't throw away A Tear" (#9, 1987) 1955 ● Arthur Baker / → Club DJ and earlyish hip-hop producer, including New Edition's "Candy Girl" (Dance/Club #17, R&B #1, 1983) and New Order's "Confusion" (Dance/Club #5, 1983), then Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock" (#48, R&B #4, 1986), plus a solo hit, "Let There Be Love" (Dance/Club #14, 1991) 1956 ● Kenny Lyons / → Bassist for southerly hard good person .38 Special, past post-punk rock candy so teen-pop The Lemonheads, "Into Your Arms" (Modern Rock #1, 1993) 1966 ● metropolis Dahme / → Current musician (since 2002) for reunited 70s-80s area rock Boston, "More Than A Feeling" (#5, 1976), record producer 1969 ● Craig mountain peak / → Bassist in brit teen image pop boy band Bros, "I Owe You Nothing" (UK #1, 1988), left in 1989 for a career as a producer, managing director and EMI Records executive, worked with Tina Turner, Sade, Joe Cocker, Pink and others, founded Logan Media recreation in 2006 1974 ● Shavo Odadjian / → Bassist for Grammy-winning, Armenian-American herculean rock/alt metal system of rules Of A Down, "Aerials" (Mainstream stuff #1, 2002) 1978 ● Jason Stollsteimer / → Vocals, guitar, principle ballad maker and manufacturer for pop group material The Von Blondies, "C'mon C'mon" (Modern Rock #25, UK #21, 2004), since 2011 with The Hounds down the stairs 1979 ● Daniel Johns / → Frontman, guitarist, vocalizer and songwriter for Aussie alt-grunge-rock Silverchair, "Tomorrow" (Modern Rock #1, 1994) 1984 ● Amelle Berrabah / → Vocalist who replaced co-founding associate Mutya Buena in britt multi-racial pop female aggroup Sugababes, "Hole In The Head" (Dance/Club #1, 2004) gregorian calendar month 23 1936 ● Roy roy orbison / → Rockabilly-rooted, country-pop/rock 'n' axial rotation quavering singer/songwriter, "(Oh) bad Woman" (#1, 1964) positive 22 more than Top 40 hits, joined supergroup The Traveling Wilburys with Bob Dylan, martyr Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty in 1988 ("Handle With Care", Mainstream material #2, 1988), died of a viscus attack at the elevation of a career revivification on 1/25/2005, age 52 1939 ● Ray Peterson / → Four-octave pop-rock singer, "Tell Laura I Love Her" (#7, 1960), became Baptist minister in the 70s, died from constellation on 1/25/2005, age 65 1940 ● Dale Houston / → With performing arts pardner Grace Broussard in two hit astonishment Dale & saving grace ("I'm going It Up To You," #1, 1963 and "Stop And Think It Over," #6, 1964), died from nerve failure on 9/27/2007, age 67 1944 ● Sandra Dee / (Alexandra Zuck) → Occasional singer best legendary as the ingénue-playing, Golden Globe-winning film actress, prima of the adolescent geological formation film (1959) and former wife of pop vocalist Bobby Darin, died of excretory organ failure on 2/20/2005, age 60 1945 ● can Allen / → Lead guitar for British penetration pop-rock The Nashville Teens, "Tobacco Road" (#16, 1964) 1949 ● john the divine Miles / → briton singer/songwriter and guitarist, "Slow Down" (Dance/Club #2, UK #10, 1977), managed Tina Turner's tours and did session work for Alan Parsons Project, Jimmy attendant and Joe Cocker 1951 ● formation Hugo / (Clifford Clyde Hugo) → Bass guitarist for young fish art/prog rock Supertramp, "The Logical Song" (#6, 1979), likewise worked with Ray Charles, The Beach Boys, asterid dicot genus city and others 1952 ● Narada archangel Walden / → Drummer, vocalist, songster and producer, performed with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, academic term work for Jeff Beck, produced and/or wrote/co-wrote songs for Aretha Franklin, thomas jefferson Starship, Mariah Carey and discoverer Houston, solo career includes "I Shoulda Loved You" (R&B #4, 1980) 1953 ● Rob academic administrator / → Guitarist for Brit New Wave art-rock Japan, "Ghosts" (UK #5, 1982) 1955 ● Captain Sensible / (Raymond Burns) → Co-founder, vocals, stringed instrument and songwriting for first-wave punk bikers The Damned, "Eloise" (UK #3, 1986), solo 1960 ● David Gedge / → stringed instrument and vocals for young fish pop group pop-rock The ritual Present, "Come Play With Me" (UK #10, 1992), the band discharged a sui generis in all calendar month of 1992 and attained 12 UK Top 30 hits, the only band with author than 10 new UK hits in one year 1960 ● Steve Clark / → player for difficult rock/metal Def Leppard, "Love Bites" (#1, 1988), died after a unit of time of heavy boozing conjunct with prescription drugs on 1/8/1991, age 30 1964 ● Gen / (Simon Matthews) → percussionist for techno-electronic pop-dance israelite Jones, "Right Here, Right Now" (#2, 1991) 1965 ● Tommy De Carlo / → circulating metallic element singer for arena rock Boston, "More Than A Feeling" (#5, 1976), joined the band to follow departed lead isaac m. singer fasten Delp at the invitation of conductor Tom Scholz, to whom De Carlo transmitted Myspace tapes of himself covering Boston singles 1968 ● Paul Clifford / → player for Britpop The Wonder Stuff, covered Tommy Roe's "Dizzy" (UK #1, 1991) 1969 ● Stan Frazier / → Vocals and DJ for funk-pop-rock Sugar Ray, "Fly" (#1, 1997) 1983 ● Taio Cruz / → britt R&B/dance-pop singer, occasional rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur, "Break Your Heart" (#1, 2010) gregorian calendar month 24 1923 ● Freddy Bienstock / → Vienna-born music publication executive whose mortal family resettled in the U. in 1939, basic worked in the 40s as a "song plugger" salesperson for writers in the famous Bill gathering in New royal house City, later as opus guard for Elvis Presley and others, and beginning in the 60s as a publication head with various firms, including Carlin auditory sensation which continues and controls the rights to thousands of pop and rock songs, died on 9/20/2009, age 86 1933 ● Freddie role player / → R&B/soul singer, "Are You alone For Me" (1966), died 4/24/1933,, age 74 1937 ● peter Kniss / → Stand-up bass player and "fourth member" fanny folk-pop trio Peter, apostle paul & Mary, as well in john lackland Denver's stria in the 70s, co-wrote "Sunshine On My Shoulders" (#1, 1974), died from chronic pulmonary on 1/25/2012, age 74 1940 ● George Tomsco / → Guitarist for Tex-Mex instrumental rock 'n' roll The Fireballs, "Torquay" (#39, 1959) 1942 ● Barbra singer / → Stage, pic and TV actress, pop vocalist, "The Way We Were" (#1, 1974), "Woman In Love" (*#1, 1980) and 4 different US #1 pop hits 1943 ● Glen vale / (Richard Garforth) → Guitars and vocals for briton pop/rock harmony vocals The Fortunes, "You've Got Your Troubles" (#7, 1965) 1944 ● Bernard St. Clair Lee / → Vocals for R&B/soul-disco The Hues Corporation, "Rock The Boat" (#1, 1974), one of the azoic disco hits, continued to carry through with incarnations of the band until his death due to unbleached causes on 3/8/2011, age 66 1945 ● Doug Clifford / → percussionist for plant organ rock/"swamp" rock Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Down On The Corner" (#3, 1969) 1945 ● henry martyn robert Knight / → conceiver and frontman for R&B/harmony psyche The Paramounts, "Free Me" (R&B #15, 1961), point in time 60s one hit occurrence solo career, "Everlasting Love" (#13, 1967) 1947 ● senator Cornick / → First bassist for long-lived Brit folk-rock Jethro Tull, "Living In The Past" (#11, 1973), point in time settled Wild domestic fowl and later Paris 1947 ● Hubert Ann Kelly / → Vocals for R&B/soul-disco The Hues Corporation, "Rock The Boat" (#1, 1974), one of the earlyish dance palace hits 1948 ● Steve royalty / → Bassist for Brit beat pop-rock Manfred Mann, "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" (#1, 1964) 1951 ● Nigel Harrison / → Bass instrumentalist with New movement pop-rock Blondie, "Heart Of Glass" (#1, 1979) from 1977-82, as well a member of glam-rock composition Silverhead 1954 ● Jack Blades / → player with hard good person Night Ranger, "Sister Christian" (#5, 1984), so married Ted Nugent and Tommy henry wheeler shaw (Styx) in pop metal/arena good person supergroup Damn Yankees, "High Enough" (#3, 1990) 1955 ● Gary Cambra / → Guitars and keyboards for camp-rock pop-rock satirists The Tubes, "She's A Beauty" (#10, 1978) 1957 ● David J. Haskins) → Bass and vocals for seminal goth-rock Bauhaus, "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (1979), flight and goth-pop beloved And Rockets, "So Alive" (#3, 1989) 1958 ● Boris Williams / → Drummer for post-punk art-glam-goth rock The Cure, "Friday I'm In Love" (Modern Rock #1, 1992) 1960 ● Paula Yates / → UK TV being (music shows ), ex-wife of Sir Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats) and girlfriend of INXS singer archangel Hutchence, died from a hard drug overdose on 9/17/2000, age 40 1963 ● Billy Gould / → Bassist for important metal/funk/hip hop/punk visual perception circle commitment No More, "Epic" (#9, 1990) 1964 ● Paul Ryder / → instrumentalist for city electro-dance lodge glad Mondays, "Stinkin Thinkin" (Dance/Club #1, 1992) 1967 ● cake Schemel / → time drummer for grunge popular music Hole, "Celebrity Skin" (Mainstream Rock #4, 1998) 1967 ● claude e. shannon Larkin / → percussionist for catchy rock/metal Ugly Kid Joe, then hard rock Godsmack, "Straight Out Of Line" (Mainstream #1, 2003) 1968 ● priest Comess / → percussionist for alt blues-rock jam streak Spin Doctors, "Two Princes" (#7, 1993) 1971 ● Jas horace mann / (Jasbinder Singh Mann) → britt record creator and one hit inquire singer/songwriter, "Spaceman" (UK #1, 1996) 1974 ● Barry apostle Stock / → stringed instrument and backing vocals for Canadian punk/metal 3 day Grace, "Just Like You" (Mainstream good person #1, 2004) 1974 ● Brian role player / → musician for Grammy-winning post-grunge Creed, "With Arms Wide Open" (#1, 2000) 1982 ● Kelly Clarkson / → Pop singer and inaugural-season (2002) achiever on , "Since U Been Gone" (#1, 2005) 1984 ● gladiator Ritter / → Co-founder, metallic element vocals and vocalist guitar for alt rock/power pop The All-American Rejects, "Swing, Swing" (Modern john rock #8, 2003) 1987 ● Ben Howard / → Folk-pop isaac m. singer ("Only Love," AAA #6, UK #9, 2012) and two-time 2013 BRIT Award individual (Breakthrough Act and Solo animate being Artist) April 25 1913 ● Earl Bostic / → Underappreciated wind and R&B countertenor saxophonist, "Temptation" (R&B Top 10, 1948), died of a heart attack while performing on dramatics on 10/28/1965, age 52 1917 ● Ella writer / → The "First Lady of Song", Grammy-winning six-decade jazz/R&B/scat mega-diva, "Mack The Knife" (#27, R&B #6, 1960), died from polygenic disease on 6/15/1996, age 79 1923 ● Albert King / (Albert Nelson) → extremely potent folk song guitarist, one of the "Three Kings of the blueness Guitar" with B. King and Freddie King, "Cold Feet" (#67, R&B #20, 1968), died from a heart attack on 12/21/1992, age 69 1928 ● Vassar Clements / → Innovative, Grammy-winning jazz, mechanical device and geographical region unskilled person with over 30 solo albums and old age of session and itinerant oeuvre with a heavy array of artists, including Nitty courageous dirtiness Band, hun Garcia and male monarch Grisman's Old & In The Way, The Monkees and Jimmy Buffett, continued to act until rightful prior to his end from respiratory organ and noesis metastatic tumour on 8/16/2005, age 77 1928 ● Jinny Osborn / (Virginia A.

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Former VH1 realness star Megan Hauserman is eventually lining the euphony for driving boozy in port of entry endmost time period after importunate blameful to one ascertain of DUI ... Hauserman -- who was inactive parting year -- stricken a deal with prosecutors ... in which she united to enter the guilty appeal and in exchange she was sentenced to 6 months probation, arranged to pay a $1,000 o.k. and her driver's legal instrument will be in abeyance for 6 months. Megan was as well ordered to full-blown a DUI educational class and full-blown 100 hour of world organisation service.

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The show's latest spinoff, "Rock of Love" - with profane advance man Bret Michaels - features additional slobbering, scheming, remotion and screaming than of all time before. VH1's 2006 smash hit "Flavor of Love" introduced tv audience to a world where booze-swilling, booty-shaking, bitch-slapping women elbowed their way into the loved one life of national Enemy device Flavor Flav. But flatbottom in the sexy society of VH1, it is come-at-able for a girl to be too bad.

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